Design and printing services of Golbarg Donya

  • From our valuable backgrounds, we have been working in the field of design and printing of photocopiers since 1996.
  • Silk design and printing is possible for all porcelain, ceramic, arcopal and opal dishes and in general all the items capable of accepting high heat for printing.
  • The design can be applied to any design and size to suit your request.

Design and printing of saucer flowers

Design and print of teapot

Design and printing of porcelain and arcopal dishes

Design and print logo and arm

Design and printing of glass containers (banks, cups, goblet, bowl, etc.)

Design and print decorative containers

Design and ceramic printing

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Golbarg Donya has been established in 1996 and started its activities in Silk Screen Printing and
producing decorative stickers for porcelains and glass wares

Company address and phone

  • Address:West Sixth Avenue, Khorramdasht Industrial City, Abali Ali Road, Tehran, Iran
  • Post box: 1657114341
  • Company phone : 02176212738
  • Fax : 02176214742

Store address and phone

  • Store address: No. 56, Sadeghat Shop (Khodadadi), shahid saboonian Str., Shoush Square,Tehran, Iran
  • Store phone : 02155343560
  • Store phone : 02155085855



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