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Golbarg donya is one of the first pioneers in the full-automatic silk printing industry, which has been operating since 1996.


The company has also imported and supplied various types of silkscreen printing  raw materials, oils, types of third baking color powder from Germany, England, the Netherlands and Korea to enhance the quality and superiority of the product.


The scope of the company expanded in the 2009 with the production of opal containers.


After years of experience, we are still trying our best to satisfy you.

The world 's specialist machinery and machinery

  •  Golbarg Donya Company is independent in designing, producing and providing printing services.
  •   Thanks to the professional staff and the use of modern tools and technology, there are lasting effects of the Petal Company around the world.

Scope of business

  •  Golbarg Donya is also active in importing raw materials from Germany, Britain , the Netherlands, Italy and Korea to enhance the quality of its goods. 
  •   In a short while, Golbarg Donya Company reached high quality and outstanding products with gorgeous designs accompanied by deployment of professional specialists, talented and enthusiastic staffs and well equipped machinery and technology.
  •   In 2010, the production of high quality opal containers was added to the collection of Golbarg doyna in a variety of sizes and designs for the development of the collection

Golbarg Donya has been established in 1996 and started its activities in Silk Screen Printing and
producing decorative stickers for porcelains and glass wares

Company address and phone

  • Address:West Sixth Avenue, Khorramdasht Industrial City, Abali Ali Road, Tehran, Iran
  • Post box: 1657114341
  • Company phone : 02176212738
  • Fax : 02176214742

Store address and phone

  • Store address: No. 56, Sadeghat Shop (Khodadadi), shahid saboonian Str., Shoush Square,Tehran, Iran
  • Store phone : 02155343560
  • Store phone : 02155085855



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